Our mission

We are committed to helping you with your needs of life insurance, disability insurance, as well as critical illness insurance, online via our website, phone call and email.

We provide expert insurance advice to both individuals and businesses. Our extensive knowledge and access to a broad range of insurance products enable us to customize insurance plans for your unique needs at an optimized price.

Since the pandemic, traditional in-person meetings have given way to virtual meetings and transactions gradually and we have adapted to this new era and dedicated to serving more Canadians throughout the country.

About Us

We are insurance brokers.

A traditional insurance agent (or representative, known as a captive agent) works directly for the insurance company. They are only authorized to sell policies to their clients on behalf of the company that they work for. On the other hand, an insurance broker works with multiple carriers to compare and help the client select insurance products based on their specific needs. As brokers, we have a broader understanding of various companies’ offerings and key benefits, not just one company.

Throughout this time, we have developed strong relationships not only with our clients but also the top life insurance companies in Canada, underwriters, medical companies and a wide range of financial experts. We pass along our years of hard work to provide our clients with all the best possible pricing, policy types and knowledge to help them make the right decisions when purchasing personal insurance and investment.

Wei Shen

Before starting her career as an insurance broker in 2021, Wei Shen was an architect and interior designer, and had worked on various projects located in Montreal, China, and the US. Taking on the role of a financial advisor provides her a range of opportunities that is available in few career fields, which allows her to have helped clients make suitable decisions for a financially healthy future and offered them valuable advice when it comes to purchase of insurance.

Hervey Gauthier

Following his sciences and actuarial mathematics academic, Hervey Gauthier started his insurance career in 2009 and as a financial advisor since 2013. Throughout the years, he has worked as an independent insurance broker with thousands of Canadians helping them with their purchase of life, disability, and CI insurance. He also holds the Chartered Investment Manager CIM title from the Canadian Securities Institute.

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