Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is one of the most flexible types of permanent life insurance for Canadian residents. While providing lifetime protection like whole life insurance, universal life insurance offers key financial planning features such as opportunities for tax deferred savings growth.


Universal life insurance policies are a form of permanent life insurance with flexible premiums. Unlike term life, Universal life policies can accumulate interest-bearing funds like a savings account. Also, policyholders can adjust their premiums and possibly their death benefit, and those paying extra toward their premium receive interest on that excess.


When do you need universal life insurance?

There are numerous cases in which universal life insurance is your best option:

  • You want to have life long coverage that does not expire.
  • You want flexibility in monthly contributions and the ability to choose level or increasing death benefit options.
  • You want a combination of insurance and investment product.
  • You want to decide how your investment component is invested. This policy will let you choose managed funds or index-based investments.


How does Universal Life Insurance compare to other life insurance products?


 Term Life InsuranceWhole Life InsuranceUniversal Life Insurance
Coverage LengthLimitedLife LongLife Long
Cash Value AccumulationNoYesYes
Investment componentNoNoYes

To know more differences between term life and whole life insurance, see Frequently asked questions.

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